How It Works

And what it can do for you and your loved ones.


Keeping it simple!

Creating a MedeFile is easy and immediate, with no hassles. After you enter the doctors, hospitals, emergency contacts, medications, medical conditions and any other pertinent information about your medical history into our system, MedeFile does the rest. We will do the work of gathering and processing all of your records, paper or electronic, X-Rays or MRI’s – everything relating to your health history – and then transform them into digital images. This is done by experienced professionals who understand the sensitivity of these issues and are contractually bound to confidentiality. Using our proprietary software, MedeFile then indexes the records by date, provider, and record type, or by a customized theme, so you, your doctor, your pharmacist, your caretaker — -anyone who you choose – can find the relevant medical information you need, quickly and easily.

At Home or Away

Never be caught without the information that can save your life.

It can happen to anyone, anytime – an accident, heart attack, or some other medical emergency. And, it can happen anywhere – at home, on vacation, or a business trip. When a medical emergency arises, the availability of accurate health records can make the difference between life and death. Having your medical records immediately available will provide medical professionals with the information they need to make the best diagnosis and decisions for your treatment. With MedeFile, you can reduce your chances of becoming a medical error statistic.

Chronic Conditions

Keep track of what’s important.

Coping with chronic illness is challenge enough. MedeFile can help. MedeFile collects and updates your medical records, remind you about appointments and gives you freedom of movement. Go anywhere at anytime and have your actual medical records with you. We electronically store all your tests, scans, medications, reports and regimens, so every doctor, clinic or hospital can see a clear picture. No more lugging heavy folders of scans for you. No more calling every medical office for updates. With MedeFile, a secure, thumb-size drive can easily carry your complete medical records on a keychain.

From Newborns to the Elderly

Accurate medical information for the people you really care about.

Nobody knows your family like you do, or loves them like you do. No one takes responsibility for their medical care like you do. With young children, it’s important to keep track of each child’s immunizations, illnesses, medications and doctor visits. Young adults are always on the go and having their medical records at hand if they’re away from home, out, at camp, or college can be crucial in the event of an emergency. As we age, we typically have a need for more medical care than when we were young and robust. And that means more doctors, more medical visits, more tests and more medications. Keeping track of all this activity can be daunting. Whether you’re tracking this information for yourself or if you’re the child of a parent needing this information being accurately kept, MedeFile enables you to do so with ease. You can also track medications, doctor visits, important health measures (blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol) and you can even get phone calls reminding you when to take your medications with our unique MedeMinder service.

Emergencies Happen

Reduce medical errors and delays in treatment.

Emergencies can happen at anytime, at any place. Not having to be worried about being away from home, your doctor being unavailable, or not being able to speak for yourself is priceless. These things can cause delays in treatment, drug interaction mishaps and records not being available when you need them. MedeFile enables you to maintain and control your family’s medical records independent of healthcare providers, medical facilities and insurance companies It could save you time when time is critical, could save you money by reducing unnecessary testing and could lead to better health outcomes by your being able to manage critical healthcare information.