What Causes Receding Gums?

Due to wear of the gum tissue retraction thereof it occurs this being a situation which causes both the tooth and the root is exposed causing periodontal diseases. That is why we should know the origin, causes and gum disease receding gums treatment options in order to have more information about one of the greatest oral situations that cause oral health problems.


Origin and causes of receding gums

As receding gums is occurs gradually so it is not always easy that the patient is aware of having this condition. Therefore, it is good to be aware of some symptoms that appear such as tooth sensitivity or feeling that we have the largest and in some cases teeth may seem a notch near the gumline. This is a very common and natural oral pathology that receding gums can lead to all kinds of serious diseases and thus is of vital importance to both prevent and reduce this progression in gingival tissue. This the best option we have at our disposal is to know all those causes that provoke this condition.

  • Periodontal diseases is a major cause since we have a bacterial infection that can destroy both gum tissue and bones that are supporting teeth.
  • Genetic factors are another significant cause, and it is shown that some people are more susceptible to develop gum disease while routine oral hygiene is also related with the appearance of this disease.
  • Those who carried out toothbrushing aggressively have a risk of tooth enamel wear and from there receding gums occur.
  • Hormonal changes are another big reason of receding gums. Fluctuations in hormone levels of a woman such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause are the situations in which a woman has the most sensitive gums.
  • Gingivitis also may cause retraction of the same and the same thing happens with those who have the habit of snuff as this group is more likely to accumulate adhesive plaque on teeth and this is another reason why gums recede.
  • Finally, we cannot forget bruxism within this broad list of factors related to this disease in the gums and the grinding as well as clenching of teeth induce receding gums and same thing happens with those who have crooked teeth or showing a misaligned bite.

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Dental hygiene, how could it be otherwise, it is also directly related to this condition and once again the importance of maintaining a complete and optimal routine in order to prevent the formation of tartar is noteworthy because we face one of the main reasons why gums dwindle.

In the case of a patient suffering from receding gum disease need to know that the only effective solution is to go to our dentist. Today we have access to a wide variety of specific natural treatments like Nature’s Smile – natural gum disease receding gums treatment that have main objective is, to reverse receding gums and prevent further damage to both oral and general health.

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